Selections, 2013 - 2019 

Striving for peace in South Sudan

Early morning memories

Why settle for mediocrity? 

I don’t consciously await the 6:50 a.m. school bus any more. So the mornings I do hear it, the sound grabs me and takes me back. It’s comforting, yet there’s a twinge of sadness. 
​A clinic founded by former 'Lost Boy' John Dau treats​​​ people regardless of what tribe they come from. “We’re helping them," Dau said. "That’s what the Lord would want us to do.”

Gutless trolls and their enablers

You can't say that anymore

​Unless, of course, you're a racist.

​​He loaded the mower into the truck bed, laughed and said, “I’d use another word for it, but it begins with N and you can’t say that anymore.”
He drove away, and I stood there confused and uncertain about what I had just heard

A 67-year-old man dies and the trolls type away

Some in the media defend anonymous comments, saying they foster “community engagement,” and give web users the freedom to speak without fear of retribution. That’s part of the problem. They can hide.