Raymond Carver's deathbed will

Kent State: 13 seconds of gunfire

Fired by FBI, gay agent fought back

Author Raymond Carver, whose short stories influenced an entire generation of writers, rewrote his will the day before he died. And because of a little-known provision in federal copyright law, Carver's children were deprived of potential royalties from some of his works. 
Tom Grace was one of nine students wounded at Kent State University on May 4, 1970, when Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire during an anti-war protest, killing four students. Twenty years later, Grace looked back on that day and how it changed so many lives, including his.
FBI agent Frank Buttino was "outed," deemed a security risk and was fired. He sued for reinstatement, and his lawsuit led to policy changes at the bureau. Buttino wrote a book about the ordeal and the support he received from his family and hometown.

Teen the reason 'this isn't so bad'

Striving for peace in South Sudan 

Still on the street, but smiling now

Melanie Martin was a high-powered professional woman, married and raising a daughter. Then a traumatic brain injury changed everything. Her marriage dissolved. She had to give up her career. And she and her teenage daughter reversed roles.
Former Lost Boy John Dau settled in Syracuse, NY, and has spent years helping people in his native South Sudan. The John Dau Foundation has established a health clinic in the world's newest nation. Despite renewed violence and suffering, "it's no longer hopeless," Dau said.
Jonas Stone turned to alcohol after his first son died at birth. He ended up homeless on the streets of Seattle and failed his first attempt at rehab. He succeeded the second time, and now he sells a street newspaper on a downtown corner he calls his "smile zone."