My priorities haven't changed

   When I worked the Saturday "late cops"  shift at the daily newspaper in Syracuse, NY, editors liked to say they had space on the coveted Sunday front page -- just in case.
    Just in case something really bad happened.
   A triple fatal. A house fire. Shots fired that hit their mark.
   Sometimes that's what we ended up with. A long night for me, a bad night for someone else.
    I liked it better when I got on A-1 and no one had to die. 
    A quiet night meant I was able to work on more in-depth stuff -- a news story or feature that was more than just the latest tragedy to be forgotten when the next one came along. 
   My priorities haven't changed.
    I thrive on telling stories that take some time. Stories that make me lie awake at night, thinking of questions I should have asked.
   Questions I can go back and ask tomorrow. 

                                                   *    *     *
   I'm a professional journalist with more than 30 years of experience as a newspaper reporter, academic medical university writer, freelancer and blogger. My strengths? Honesty, compassion and fairness. 
   I'm available for freelance assignments, and eager to travel.

-- Jim McKeever